Your Shortcut to Turn your Illness into Healing-3 John

God’s will for you is to heal you! No question about it!

Old Testament or New Testament, the Bible is full with examples of healing from God, for everyone who believes, from all sorts of diseases.

Being sick does not bring glory to God, but being healed by God, does!

Let us start with our salvation first! Did you know, that the original Greek word for ‘save’ also means ‘heal’? In other words, when Jesus died on the cross for us, he provided not only salvation for us and forgiveness of sins, but also a healing for us.

God does not care what it is called, if it is called Covid 19, Covid 20 or 2000! God who created the heaven and earth is not only willing to heal from Covid 19, but is also able to do so!

The question if God wants to heal or not, simply evaporates, when we……Click here to continue…

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