At Last You Will Find How to Get a Job from God-Psalm 112

Are you struggling at the moment to get a job?

There are so many people now in the world, who need employment, because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Perhaps you have been looking to find a new job for a long time.

Be sure of the fact of the promise of God, that he cares for you and will provide you with an employment. But how can you be sure?

Well, let us look at Psalm 112. In verse 2 the Word of God says that if you are a Christian, and serve God, you will be blessed. How can you be blessed, if you do not have a job? The two just do not go together.

It is all down to what we want to believe more.

The circumstances of unemployment we see, and our empty pocket, or the Word of God, and what God says about it.

Think about it. God created the whole universe and the earth, and all the gold and diamonds in the earth just by his Word, by what God spoke.

He created the universe by his spoken words out of nothing. Now, do not you think, that God will surely provide you with a job by commanding a job to be given to you?

He even gave job to Adam and Eve from the very beginning. And now, you are his beloved child.

He was willing to give up for you and me, the most precious he ever had, his Son Jesus to suffer a horrible death on the cross, for my and your sins.

God the Father did not refuse to let Jesus go on the cross for you and me. And will he be unwilling to give a job to you? No way!

He promised to give good gifts to those who ask him.

So, do not wonder anymore, if God will provide you with a job, because he will! God said in Psalm 112:3 that wealth and riches will be in your house, if you believe in him and follow him. That wealth and riches surely includes an employment! Why should God want to give you wealth and riches, and not want to give you a job?

God wants not just to pay your bills, but for you to have more than enough. That is what he said, that wealth and riches are yours! That is much more than just having a job! He wants you to have more than a salary!

God wants you to be rich! Read verse 3 again!

That is the opinion of God, not a man. God wants you prosperous! That is God’s own idea, not man’s! Wealth and riches means only one thing, wealth and riches, and there are no ifs, no buts, and all the other stuff, which does not come from heaven.

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