The God of Leftovers-Matthew 16:9, 10

In the mind of God there is no scarcity or lack for us.

That is why Jesus attracted their attention to the leftovers and the basket full with them, when he fed the thousands of people twice.

He is trying to show them, that when they go with him, and listen to him, he is mindful of their needs.

Because the thousands of people cared enough to go and follow Jesus, and be with him, listen to him, therefore, he fed them twice, by performing a miracle.

All that is needed is to be with Jesus, listen to him, and he will take the few fish and bread that we have, and multiply it for us.

Another reason why Jesus was asking the disciples how many baskets with leftovers they had, when he fed the thousands by a miracle, is because he wants to show them that he is the God of leftovers, the God of more than enough.

We could be satisfied to have God give us enough each day, just what we need, but God is not satisfied with that, because he wants us to have more than enough, he is the God of leftovers.

He wants his children to have more than enough, because there is always an abundance with him.

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