Missing the Miracle, by What We See-Matthew 8:24

That was a lesson from Jesus for us. To learn to relax, during the storms of life. The disciples were looking for a solution, how to find a way, to escape the storm. Jesus on the other hand, decided to sleep during the storm. He got up, calmed the storm, and asked them, where is their faith. It was like Jesus was asking them, ‘why you just do not relax?’

The disciples were looking fir solution, and the only thing they could see, was the  storm, death and destruction. Them seeing only the storm, was spiritually blinding them to see the solution.

But the solution was just next to them in the same boat. Jesus with them was the solution for them, but they could not see it, and could not perceive it in the Spirit.

It is often just like us, in our storms of life, all we could see is the darkness around us. We often fail to see the solution, either because of a lack of faith, or lack of growth. And we have the solution with us all the time, because Jesus said that he is with us always, and that he will never leave us or forsake us.

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