Faith vs. Reasoning Luke 5:5

We have to leave our understanding aside and accept by faith what God say we should do. It very often will no make sense to us at all, but it will be making sense to God completely. That is why we walk by faith and not by sight.

Faith and what God says will often defy our reasoning, understanding and logic. God has never called us to understand what he does, but has called us to believe him. Peter had to forget about his own fishing experience and knowledge, and replace it with what God asked him to do.

Only when we are willing to let go of our own understanding and logic, then we will see a miracle from God.

Many things in our life of faith, will not make sense, but that is why we need the faith. God does not need to explain to us everything he asks us to do. He likes for us to believe and trust him, and he has never asked us to understand him. He knows, that our brain is too limited to understand him or what he does, so he asks us to trust and believe him, and to love him.

Peter did not understand for example, how is it possible to catch fish, when obviously by the circumstances, there is not fish, when Jesus asked him to go and fish again. Peter did not understand how is it possible for a human being, to walk on the water, but Jesus wanted to show him, that all that Peter had to do, was to obey the word of Jesus, when Jesus called him to get out of the boat, and start walking.

Jesus wanted to show Peter that even when we do not understand what we are doing, but do it just because God has said so, then we will be able to walk on the water and not sink. Believing God produces the miracle, not the understanding of how it works. Faith does not always understand things from heaven, but it trusts God, and it produces a miracle.

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