The Battle is the Lord’s

Christian Reflections

Yesterday I wrote about how God called Gideon in chapter 6 of the book of Judges. The story continues in the next chapter and it just gets better! Gideon gathers together an army of 32,000 men but God tells him that this is too many for Him to allow them the victory, “Lest Israel boast about themselves against Me, saying My own hand has delivered me.” (Judges 7:2) So, the Lord instructs Gideon to tell the men that are fearful to turn around and go home. 22,000 left! (How would you have felt at this point if you were Gideon?)

Gideon now has an army of 10,000 but God still isn’t satisfied so He sets another test. This time Gideon has to bring the men to the river – those that drink the water by cupping their hands are to remain but those who lap like a dog are to…

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