We Look at the Problem, God Looks at the Solution-1 Corinthians 10:13

No difficulty or a challenge comes into your life, first without God allowing it. And even if he allows it, he takes care of it more than you do.

You may think how you can cope with that mountain and it may look too big and impossible to conquer, but God has already taken care of it, even before it came into your life, because he cares for you, and because your life itself belongs to him, and you are hidden with Christ in God.

For us, most of the challenges and difficulties we face seem sometime impossible to pass through or endure, but God will not let you fight that difficulty or challenge and struggle with it, beyond your ability to cope.

He lets you be tested, but he has also provided all the tools you need, and the grace and strength you need, in order for you to lass through it.

We look at the problem, but God looks at the solution, because he had the solution, before you had the problem.

The question is, do we pay attention to the solution he has provided, or we are only concentrated on the problem? We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

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