Zeal for God Romans 12:11

God wants us to be zealous for him, and for serving him – Romans 12:11.

But, we have to realize, that just being zealous for God, is not enough. We can be very ambitious to serve God, and do things for God, but if our doctrines are not in agreement with the Word of God, and if we have embraced the wrong way of thinking about the things of God, our zeal for God is missing the target. We can be zealous for the wrong thing.

We have to strive to be zealous for God, but with the right doctrine and knowledge of God, and knowledge about God, and the things of God. 

We can be like golden vessels in the hands of God, used for his purpose, only when we align ourselves with the correct knowledge of God, and with the revelation from heaven.

There thousands of different doctrines about God and his Word, and some of them are far away from heaven, and some are straight from heaven. But the revelation from heaven can never be wrong. It is always true. 

We have to be zealous for the revelation and knowledge which the Holy Spirit gives, and observe and test the doctrines of men. There is a revelation about the Word of God, and doctrines about the Word of God. The revelations is always 100 percent true, while the doctrines or some of them are not always true.

May our God and Father give us more knowledge and revelation from heaven, about him and his Word, and help us be zealous for the right thing, in the name of Jesus!

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