The Challenges of Faith James 1:1-4

We seem not to want, our faith to be challenged. But God does not think so. He always wants to stretch our faith level, in order to grow our faith. James 1:1-4

 Think about it. If our faith is not challenged, by adverse circumstances, how can we know how strong our faith is. It is only when we are squeezed in a tight place, that we see how strong our faith in God and his Word is.

 If our faith is not challenged and tested, it will not grow, but remain on the same level. But God wants us to grow in him, and our spiritual growth, is by the Holy Spirit in us, and by the Word of God. Also, we grow as we come as the body of Christ, to serve God together.

 I believe that it was possible, that Jesus let the disciple alone, in the middle of the storm, to battle the strong wind and the waves, in order to test and stretch their faith. If Peter was not in the middle of the storm, he would not experience the miracle of walking of the water, and his faith would not grow in the supernatural things of God.

 All through the Bible, from the Old Testament, to the New Testament, God has challenged the faith of those who believe in him, and want to follow him.

 It is easy to believe in God, when everything is fine, and you are cruising through the calm waters of life. When everything is smooth and nice in our life, it is very easy to believe in God. But only through challenging and difficult times, the real faith in God can be not only tested, but also demonstrated.

The effectiveness and power of our faith, is shown and demonstrated, when there is opposition of our faith. The stronger the challenge and opposition of our faith in God, the stronger our faith in God and his Word has to be.

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