Your Source of Provision-Mark 6:36, 37

Our provision does not start, and does not finish with circumstances. Our provision starts with God promising to provide for us. 

In Mark 6:36, 37, the disciples were completely in the flesh. How? Well, because all they were doing was calculating all the circumstances, and their own abilities about providing food for the thousands of people. They were spiritually blind, that the Source of all things and Life Himself, was standing next to them. Jesus had already done so many miracles which they testified with their own eyes, and yet they still were relying completely on logic, instead of the Word and promises of God.

Jesus said that we should not worry what we can eat, or what we can wear.

God knows that we need all those things. He created us to be with needs, and he is more concerned that our needs are met, than we are. How we know that? Let us look at 1 Timothy 6:17, where it says that God is the one who provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

We tend to think that it is us, who work for money in order to provide ourselves with food, but yet God wants us to know, that despite the fact that he wants us to work, our work is not our provider and source, but it is him. Work or not, he will provide for us, because he is the source of our life and everything around us. He will provide for us, because Jesus said that our life is more than food itself.

When the Bible says that God cares for us, that includes him caring for what we should eat, or what we should wear. He does not and never will care only for some things in our life. No, he cares about everything.

A good earthly father, will care about everything going on in the life of their child. A good father will not be partial and say ‘I will care for this, but not for that’. No, he is concerned for anything going on in the life of his child.

How much more, God who did not spare his own Son Jesus, but gave him and allowed him to come and die for us, will give us everything else we need – Romans 8:32

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