Giving as a Christian-Mark 10:21

The more we give here on earth financially, for the Kingdom of God, the wealthier we will be in heaven.

Our good deeds on earth which are only temporary, build an abundant amount of wealth for us in heaven.

Whatever good deed we deposit here, will be stored in heaven for us for eternity.

Instead of rejoicing for his eternal wealth in heaven, the rich man in Mark 10:21, became sad of the idea of losing his earthy wealth. He just did not realise the value of the heavenly wealth, about which Jesus was talking about. He needed revelation from heaven in order to grasp that reality spiritually. He did not have that revelation about the value of the heavenly wealth, so he was left stuck, with his earthly wealth.

If he could have the revelation about the heavenly wealth, he would realise the real value of it, in comparison to his earthly wealth, and the fact, that the heavenly wealth will be for eternity his, while his earthly wealth, is only for limited time.

If he chose, he could be like the person who found a pearl buried in the field, went back, sold everything he had, and with that money he would go and buy that field, in order to get the pearl. The pearl is about the Kingdom of God.

Without any questions, the heavenly wealth is more precious and valuable according to God, than the earthly wealth, just because, it is directly about the Kingdom of God, first and for all, while the earthly wealth, could be related and used for the Kingdom of God, but it also can be used for other purposes instead.

Earthly wealth gives the sense of power and security to people, so the only way to overcome that power, is to really know, by revelation, what the heavenly wealth is all about.

If the rich man in Mark 10:21, could give his wealth for the poor, he would get much more wealth in heaven, which would make him happy for eternity.

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