People Look on the Outside, God on the Inside- Luke 19:1-10

People look at the outside, but God looks at the heart of men.

Being a tax collector, in those days, was one of the most hated jobs. 

Zaccheus was hated by people, because of his professional title. He was despised, rejected, and labelled by many, as the bad guy! He took their money, and as far as people are concerned, he was the person who stirred up hatred in the hearts of many people. 

But, that was on the outside. That was what people were seeying about Zaccheus. 

He was that little man, and in their eyes, he was little not only in height, but as a person too, all to do, with the career he chose to follow. Zaccheus was that little man, with a big heart, which was willing to repent, and because wanting to please Jesus, was also willing to give back big part of his money, to all those from whom he was taking too much.

But, how God looked at Zaccheus was a totally different story.

People thought that Jesus must never pay attention to people like Zaccheus, because according to them, he was a sinner, working as tax collector, and taking more than he was supposed to do, as he admitted himself.

But Jesus saw the good soil in his heart, and he saw that the heart of Zaccheusis ready for repentance. 

Most people could see Jesus passing by, but Zaccheusbeing short man, could not. But, he had a hunger to find out who Jesus was, and to see him. That was proved by him jumping on a tree, ready to do anything, just to see Jesus passing by.

Jesus saw that hunger in his heart, and called him to come down from the tree, because the hunger of Zaccheusto find out about Jesus, attracted the attention of God.

People do not see what is really in your heart, so they will miss judge you, and will get the wrong impression about you, at times. But God, knows exactly who you are as a personality, and what your real thoughts are.

We know the saying ¨Do not judge the book by its cover¨. That is what people did about Zaccheus, but Jesus knew what is in him.

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