He Never Stops Caring for Us-Matthew 9:36

In Matthew 9:36, it says that Jesus felt compassion for the people, when he saw them, because they have been harassed and helpless. His compassion makes him to care for people and do miracles for them, and it is not entirely dependent on what they do, say, or if they are holy enough. He just had compassion on them, as they were, in their own situation, good or bad, holy or not. He just cared for them, regardless of who they were, or what they have done.

Jesus did not look at those distressed and harassed people and say ‘Let me see now, who of these guys is living a holy life, and doing my  commandments. Them I will heal or bless, but the others, they are sinners’. No, he did not do or say that! He had compassion on all of them, without exception, just because of who Jesus was, and not because of who the people were.

You see, when you are feeling harassed the life’s storms, and feel helpless, do not ask and wonder if God has left you. No, he has promised that he will never leave us or forsake us.

Be sure, that any time you feel helpless because of your circumstances, God feels compassion for you, just as Jesus did, for the people.

It is his compassion that caused him to heal a man as recorded in the Gospel of Mark 1:41. And it was his compassion which caused Jesus to stop a funeral, and rise the only son of a woman.

If Jesus healed people because he had a compassion for them, and if he raised the dead because he felt compassion for them, would not he have compassion for us, when we have to swim through the storms of life? Surely he will do. 

3 thoughts on “He Never Stops Caring for Us-Matthew 9:36

  1. Very powerful message, our Lord God is full of compassion, His love endures forever!


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