God’s Empathy for Us-Hebrews 4

Hebrews 4:15, 16

Jesus empathises with us, when we fall into temptation. He knows that we have weaknesses, and most of all, he was tempted just like us, when he was on earth.

Therefore, because he knows from experience, what it is to be tempted, he empathises with us, and calls us to go to his throne of grace, to receive mercy, when we fall into sin.

Because he understands, how we feel, when we are tempted, and knows that we are weak sometimes in our struggle against sin, he calls us, to his grace.

Of course, his grace and empathy for our temptations, is not a permission for us to sin, but just to get right with him, when we sin. We can be confident that his grace is bigger than our sin.

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