Who is Your Help Continually-Psalm 71

In our lives, when a difficult situation faces us, where do we go for help continually?

Do we go to God, or we go to other people, who despite their good intention and advice, sometimes can not help us.

For the teachings of Jesus, to be for us, like a house build on a rock, we must choose to go into that house always, and not go somewhere else. Only then we can stand against the storm of life.

Psalm 71:3 tells us, that David always goes to God for refuge and help. He could go somewhere else sometimes, but he did not trust in flesh, but in God.

David did not go sometimes to God, and sometimes else, when in trouble, but was asking God for help, continually.

The woman with the issue of blood, went to many other places continually, for years, looking for healing and help. Those places for her, were like the house build on a sand. That is why, she spend a lot of money, and could not get rid from one of the storms of life, called sickness.

Then she decided to go to the house, build on a rock, which was the teaching of Jesus, and she found refuge and healing.

She finally found after her healing, that when she has trouble, she has to go to the house with the solid foundation continually, and not to a house, which could be gone any time, when the storm comes, because it is build on a sand.

When we face trial, where we choose to go continually, to God, or to something made of sand. David knew where to go each time.

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