Where to Look When in Desperation-Psalm 13

When we consider, that it is king David, the man after God’s own heart, talking in Psalm 13, we can see, that he was at the end of the rope. Somehow, because of his enemies, he seems to have lost all faith, or all hope. All he was looking at, was the victory of his enemies over him.

What made David, think that God has forgotten him – Psalm 13:1? He knew that God has cared for him, and has saved him from his enemies before! What made him lose hope?

Thinking about circumstances, instead of thinking about God and his Word. He allowed his attention to dwell more on his enemies and circumstances, than on God and his Word.

But despite all the dark circumstances around him, David decided at some point, to start looking to God, and his care for him. He remembered who God is, and what God’s character is. That made him to gain back hope and faith, to look beyond the circumstances.

We could be in a similar situation, when we are pressed on every side, by the worries of life, and we could be tempted to lose all hope. 

Life could be tough and rough sometimes, and that could attract our attention like a magnet.

But we like David, have to learn to look beyond circumstances, toward God and his Word, because we live by faith and not by sight. He had to learn, that his enemies and circumstances are nothing in comparison to his faith in God, and the promises of God.

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