The Ladder of Progress-Luke 19

Luke 19:17

Sometimes, we jump into big things, and we miss the small. We have big dreams, but sometimes forget that they are achievable only by the small things we do, in order to achieve them.

When we want and plan to do things for God, sometimes, we can fall into the temptation to make big plans, in order to achieve much for the Kingdom of God on earth. We could think, that if we have a big project for the things of God on earth, than we can get a big result, just by planning and doing it. But it often does not work like that.

Our strong desire to achieve a big result, is not enough. We have to go through the small steps first, and if we achieve results by doing them, God will give us a bigger steps and things to do for him.

It is a process. Often, he will not give us a big things for him to do, because we lack the test of proving faithful, in the small things.

Also, when we sometimes make mistakes, by doing the small things, our failures will be small too. But if we engage in doing big projects for God, without first proving faithful in the small projects, and without the experience of doing the small steps, and we fail, that failure will be big too.

We have to get the experience of doing the small things for God, before we get the experience of doing the big things for God. When God sees that we are faithful, experienced and succeeding in doing the small things for him, he will grant us the big things to do. He does not want to give us a big thing to do, and watch us fall big, when we are not ready to handle it.

We have to prove faithful in the small, before we are given the great things for God to do, from heaven.

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