The Meaning of the Cross

The cross is all about who God is, and what we as a mankind are.

The cross shows us what we as a human race are capable of doing, and what God is able to do through the cross.

The cross shows us how wicked the human can be, and how loving and merciful God is.

The cross connects heaven to earth.

The cross is the only door to heaven, which is always open, only if you want to enter.

What the cross can do for us, no other human, religion or a thing can do.

The cross binds heaven to earth. The cross is where heaven and earth meet.

The cross is that narrow door, the narrow path, that leads up to heaven. An effort is required to walk on that narrow path, but it is worth it.

The cross shows us, what it means to carry our own cross, daily, so that we can live.

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