If We Care for Others God Cares for Us-Psalm 41

Psalm 41:1

When we look at Psalm 41:1, 2, 3, we can see, that if we care for the people who are in trouble, who are suffering and need help, God will care for us, when we are in trouble.

Seek first his Kingdom, and everything else will be added to you.

It is about a deliberate consideration of the helpless and weak people, regardless if we like them or not. It has nothing to do who we like or not like. God even cares and is merciful to the wicked, and although he does not like their wickedness, he still has a common grace for them, and is kind to them and cares for them.

This is similar to what Jesus said in Matthew 25, that what we do to others, is like doing it to him. Many of the things we do to other people sometimes, we would not even dare thinking of doing them to Jesus, would we? Oh, Father God, have mercy on us!

In verse 1, we have the promise of being taken care by God for us, especially when we are in trouble.

Verse 2 is about we being protected from our enemies and being blessed on earth.

And verse 3 is about God healing us when we are sick.

And all that, just because we have considered the problems of other people, to help them, if we are willing to.

May God the Father help us to consider the helpless, more often, in the name of Jesus, because, possibly, we are not doing it enough, as he wants us to. Amen!

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