What-Who is Taking the First Place-Luke 14:26-33

What-Who is Taking the First Place-Luke 14:26-33

In Luke chapter 14, from verse 26 to verse 33, we can see that it is all about what or who is taking the first place in our lives.

Are we putting the things of God first? 

The only way for us, to do the first command of God, to love him with all our heart, mind and strength, is to be ready to put wife, children, money, houses, business or our own life on the second place of importance, after the things of God are taking the first place.

That is not easy and we often fall into the temptation to put our stuff fists in our life, and the things of God, second.

But God is either first in our life, or he is not in our life at all.

He will never be second, or on the second place in our life, because God, being the Creator and the source of everything, is the most important person in the Universe, and in eternity. He is the sole reason we exist, move and live on the earth.

He wants to be honoured by us giving him the first place in our life, before anybody or anything else, or he will not be willing to be in our lives at all.

To put anything else, or anybody else on the first place, means that we show God, that those people or things, are more important to us, and he will not have it.

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