Christian Bible Study-Content in Whatever Circumstances-Phil 4:11-12

Learning Contentment versus Happiness-Phil 4:11-12

In the book of Philippians 4:11-12, we can plainly see that Paul was learning to be content, regardless of what he had or did not have. 

That is opposite of happiness described in this world. This world will tell you, that if you achieve your dreams like a good education, having a lot of money, having the best job, driving a nice car, or having a big house, will make you happy.

But Paul said that he is content (happy) in whatever circumstances, poor or rich, hungry or well fed, good job or no job.

Hmm, how can he be content when he is hungry, and there is nothing in his wallet or in his stomach? 

On a natural level, we can be very unhappy and not feel satisfied, when we do not have enough money, and we do not have a nice job, or education. When we are hungry, we could be grumpy. 

But, Paul learned a secret. His secret made him be content on the inside, regardless of what is on the outside. What was the secret? It is in Philippians 4:13

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