Faith and Deeds

In James 2:14-25, we can see that faith is very practical. It is not enough to have faith, and it is not enough to go to church. Faith does things.
We are not saved by good works, but good works prove that we are saved.

We are commanded by Jesus to love each other, so that others will see that, and recognise that we are Christians.

You see, others have to see that we love each other practically, and not only with words.

In 1 John 3:16-18 the Bible says that if we see a brother in need, but do not do anything to help him, we can not say, that we love each other. It is not only about feelings and affection, when we love each other. It is about practical matters, that we need to love each other.

It is very easy to say that we love others. Everybody can claim that they love others. But when it is down to showing it in a practical matter, then it proves, how much we love.

Many people claim to be religious, but do not have the power to live it. We who are born again, have the love of God in our hearts, which compels us, and makes us to love one another.

On one side, we have the love of God, in our hearts, but on the other side, we are also commanded to love one another. So, God has given us his love to be in us, but he also wants us to show action of love, about others.

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