We Have All Broke the Law-James 2:10

We Have All Broke the Law-James 2:10

In James 2:10, it says that if we brake one commandment of the Law, we have broken all of them.

There is not a single person in this world, who was able to live without sin, and not brake any of the commandments of God. Only Jesus was without sin, perfect as the Son of God.

In fact, we would not need Jesus to die on the cross for us, if it was possible for us to keep all of the commandments of the Law.

The Bible says that we have all sinned and have fallen short, of the glory of God. All means all, and there is no exception.

Although, we do not want to sin, because we have a new nature, a new creation from God, our born again spirit, which is who we are as a Christians, we do sin, by compromising with out weaknesses, and giving in to temptation from time to time, stimulated by the sinful nature which lives in our bodies.

In order for us, to be accepted by God, we need to be 100 percent perfect, all the time. But as we know, that is not possible, because of our failability and the sinful nature in us.

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