Wisdom from Above vs. this World-Matthew 11:25

Very often in this life, many people think, that the more educated they are, and the more they learn in this world, the wiser they become. 

But the Word of God says, that we as Christians, will be wiser, if we get more knowledge from heaven.

One of the reasons why God reveals things to the little children, and hides the secrets of the Kingdom from the ‘wise and learned’ adults, is because the adults think they know enough, and have learned enough in this world, about life, and the things in life. But the little children do not know much yet, and have learned very little in this world. 

Adults could often think, that they know enough already, so why should they need revelation from heaven..

The wisdom and the learning in this world, can become our stumbling block, of receiving the learning and the revelation from heaven.

The revelation from heaven is more of a matter of heart. The wisdom and the learning of this world, is more of a matter of mind.

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