We-Sharpen Each Other in the Body

When we come, as the Body of Christ together, we influence each other, in a positive way, for our spiritual growth. 

Proverbs 27:17 talks about one man sharpening another.

That is an interactions, and basically, I believe, it talks about one man helping another man to improve. 

An iron as a tool, can be useful, only if it is sharp enough. If it is dull, it becomes useless.

So, for us to become mature in our Christian walk, and to grow spiritually, we need each other. The Bible says that when we come together, one has a psalm, another a revelation, and so on, so that the parts of the Body of Christ, can serve each other.

Only when we come together as Christians, we can mature and grow spiritually together. 

It is like the parts of the human body. Each parts needs the other parts in order to function, grow, and fulfil  its function in the body.

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