God Sees Us As Perfect Forever-100%

The Bible clearly states, that our God the Father, sees us his born again children, as perfect. 

But on the other hand, we know, that in our daily life, we are not perfect, but we make many mistakes, and sometimes we sin, although we do not want to.

We sin, because of our weaknesses, and giving into temptation, and because we fight the sinful nature which is in our bodies. 

But despite of that, God still sees as perfect, all the time. How can that be?

If we read Hebrews 10:14, we can see clearly, that it says Jesus made us perfect forever, by his own sacrifice and death on the cross. It is because of what Jesus did for us, and not because of what we do or do not do, that God the Father, sees us as perfect forever.

Of course, we still have to grow in our salvation, and we still have to grow in our spiritual life, and we are commanded to be holy, because God is holy!

We are not saved and made perfect forever, by our own works, but our own works, prove that we are saved.

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