Everything in Our Disposal

By the grace of God, we have everything in our disposal, which God has for us as a blessing, either spiritual, or material. 

The Bible says that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing from our God and Father, in the heavenly  places, in Christ Jesus. 

We are already given all the blessings God has for us, and they are there all the time, waiting for us to receive them by faith.

In Luke 15:31, 32, we can see that the son did not realise, that everything his father has, is in his disposal, therefore, he never received anything from his father. Perhaps he was waiting on his father to give him things. But the father told him, that everything is in his disposal, and he could have anything he wanted, any time. 

Maybe we, as Christians, very often do not have the blessings God has for us, because are thinking in a similar way, not realising, that all we need to do, is to ask from God and receive, because Jesus said that whoever asks, receives.

We have to ask, and receive by faith from God, based on his grace for us.

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