Bible Study-Christian Topics-You are Needed in the Body of Christ-1 Corinthians 14:26

Never say or think that you do not have what to contribute and give to the body of Christ, the Church! 

God has placed each one of us, in the body of Christ, so that we can serve each other, and contribute to the spiritual growth of one another.

If we look at 1 Corinthians 14:26, we can clearly see, that apostle Paul says that EACH one of us, has something to contribute and give to other Christians, when we come together to serve God and one another. That verse clearly says ‘each of you’! That means each of us. You are not excluded. The body of Christ needs you, to contribute to its spiritual growth, in your own unique way, in the way God has gifted you individually! He has placed gifts in each one of us, and that includes you! 

Never say you do not have what to give in serving other Christians! You do! Just ask God to help you discover in what way he has gifted you to serve the body of Christ.

You do not have to be like other Christians! You have your own unique gift from God. He wants you to be you, not like some other christian. 

Like a body, we all look different, and have a different function in that body! But that is what makes you valuable and needed in the body of Christ!

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