Fear or Faith

In Genesis 32:7-11, we can see how fear of what may happen and fear of the circumstances, put the faith of Jacob in the promise of God on hold.

God has promised Jacob, what he will do with him in the future, and how he will bless him in the future, and now, because of his brother Esau, Jacob was afraid, and start reasoning and planning, how to save himself.

Jacob was paralyzed with fear and unbelief about the promise of God. Yes, he prayed to God, but if you look in verse 7, he was afraid. That shows, that Jacob had more faith in the circumstances and what may happen to him, than in the promise of God.

If a man chosen by God, like Jacob, had his faith shaken at times, by doubting the promise of God, then we as Christians, should not be surprised or anxious, that our faith in God’s Word is tested at times.

The life of Jacob shows us, that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, what God intends for our life and his purpose for us will prevail. God will not allow anything to happen to us, unless he allows it, and until he fulfills his purpose in our lives.

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