Do Not Blame God – Revelation 16:9

Very often, when people are in trouble, and are suffering, they tend to say things like “Why did God do this to me?”

In the book of Revelation 16:9, we see that people blamed God, and were blaspheming his name, instead of turning to him, not only because he has control over any calamity, but because he cares for us, to take us out of suffering, and not let us suffer.

He is called the God of hope and the God of peace. He is called also the God of all comfort. That is why, we should not blame God for our problems, or suffering. Suffering comes mainly from the sinful inclination and nature of men, and from the enemy, but not from God.

We should not blame God for anything negative or suffering which happens to us. God is Love, and he is good, and he will never want to hurt us or put us in suffering. What a earthly father would like to put their child in a situation to suffer? He did not create us and put us on this earth, in order to torture us or give us plenty of suffering. Think about the fist people, Adam and Eve. He created the best environment and place for them to live, the garden of Eden. The original word ‘Eden’ in the Hebrew means ‘enjoyment’.

God is perfect, and he does everything in a perfect way. He never makes a mistake. Even when he disciplines us, it is for our good, to make us share in his holiness.

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