Why Unanswered Prayer is Sometimes Better – Luke 10:38-42

We can see in the Bible, it is sometimes, better for us, if God does not answer our prayers.

We say “I have prayed and prayed, and done this or that, but God does not answer my prayers”.

Sometimes, we think, that we will be most happy, and be satisfied, if God answered all our prayers, but God does not think so.

Jesus prayed “not my will but yours be done”.

If we look at Luke 10:38-42, we can see that Mary ‘prayed’ to Jesus, but he did not answer her ‘prayer’. She thought, that if she is serving and preparing a meal, for Jesus, that is what is the most important. But Martha did not even pray. She just sat at the feet of Jesus, and was listening to him. And that is what God approved and said that it is more important.

I am sure Martha was disappointed that Jesus did not want to help her and answer her plea, although she thought she was doing the best thing she could do, to serve her Lord. But, that was not the case.

Very often, we believe that we should pray for certain things, and ask God to help us, and we think, that he cares for that. But look at Martha. She asked Jesus if he does not care about her preparations. And he did not care. 

We often think that God should care for some of the things we do in life, even if they are for serving him, like the case with Martha, preparing the meal. But he does not. 

We have to find first of all, what God considers important that we do, and not we to figure out, what we think is important for us, to do for God. How you do that? Ask him. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask, and it will be given to him”.

Very often, our prayers are not answered, not because we do not have enough faith, but because they are not what God thinks should be given to us, even if we think, that it is.

So obviously, faith is not enough, to get prayers answered.