You Do Not Need to Fish-Luke 5:6-11

We can see very clearly here in Luke 5:6-11, that first of all, it is the blessing of the Lord that brings prosperity and abundance, and not our effort.

Yes, we need to work, and we get blessings by the wages for our work, but God, has a blessings for us, which are not dependent at all, on our work, effort, education, professional experience, but are just based on his grace for us.

Our effort can sometimes be fruitless, as it was for Peter and the others, when they worked whole night, but caught no fish.

And then Jesus comes, and shows them that provision comes from him, first of all, and not from their labour.

Jesus wanted to show them, that when they are with him, there is always an abundant provision. The main thing is to be with him, and follow him.

When Peter saw the amount of fish that they had, after they listened to the instruction of Jesus, he realised, that it is better to listen to the Word of God, instead to figure out, how best to deal with circumstances. Peter just applied his faith in the words of Jesus, and did what Jesus told him to do, and there was the miracle of catching a lot of fish.

That is the lesson for us, to do what Jesus says, even if it does not make sense in our circumstances. Then, we can expect the miracles to happen.