Provision Guaranteed – Mark 8:1-8

It is interesting to note here in Mark 8:1-8, that Jesus took the initiative to provide for his followers. 

They have been listening to his teaching, and following him, for three days, and did not have what to eat. But, Jesus did not only look for listeners and followers.

He just saw, that if anybody follows him, a provision for what they need, is guaranteed.

Think about it. God provides even for unbelievers. He feeds them, clothes them, and gives them life, breath, and everything they need, by his common grace.

And we not only follow him, but we are his chosen possession, his children and priests.

Just as he has promised in Matthew 6:33, that if we seek his Kingdom first, everything of what we need, will be provided.

And here is another lesson about giving God a seed to multiply.

Jesus did not just create miraculously bread and fish for them, although he could, because he created the Universe. He asked them to give him something. That was like giving God a material seed to multiply. 

You may be saying ‘But I do not have enough money to give for the Gospel’. Look, he is not asking for much, but he is asking for something for you to give him. He wants you to sow into his Kingdom. Then he takes what you give for his Kingdom, and multiplies it.

As much as we give for his Kingdom, and follow him, a provision will be guaranteed.

Mark 8:1-8 shows that God will never forsake us or forget about us or our needs (Hebrews 13:5). He is watching for our needs to satisfy them, just as he has promised in his Word.