Do Not Give Pearls to Pigs-Mark 6:11

Sometimes, we as a Christians, are trying to convince non-believers, to believe in God, and accept Jesus as their Savior.

I believe, that we are called to share the Gospel with non-believers, but it is up to them, to believe it or not.

We are not called to persuade them, or make them believe. The Holy Spirit is the one, who will convict them of sin, and will help them believe, if they are willing to accept the Gospel. 

Our logical arguments, will not make their heart born again. 

Jesus said that we should not give pearls to pigs, because they will trample on them.

What are those pearls? I think that is the Word of God. 

We do not need to give the Word of God, to people who completely ignore it, and do not want to hear, what it says. 

The Word of God is the most precious, like pearls, but the pigs can not appreciate the value of it, so they trample on it.

Shake the dust off your feet, and leave that place, because the value of the pearls, is not appreciated there.