Every Blessing by Grace – Matthew 20:9-15

Very often in life, we as Christians, think that we must work out, earn, deserve any blessing from God. We think that if we do not perform well enough in our spiritual walk with God, then perhaps, he will restrict his blessings to us, until we repent, do better, or work out to earn the blessing. 

That is called self-righteousness. That is what the Pharisees tried to do. They thought that by obeying the Law, they could earn their blessings and salvation from God. It all depended on their performance of how holy is their life before God.

But the Bible tells us that Grace and Truth came by the Lord Jesus Christ, in the Gospel of John 1:17.

If we look at the parable of Jesus, in Matthew 20:9-15, we can clearly see, especially in verse 15, that God can decide to give free gifts to those he wants to give, without them needing to work for those gifts. 

In verse 15, Jesus clearly says, that giving to the workers who started work latter a bigger wage, was depending on his grace, and not on their performance or how many hours they have worked. 

So it is very clear, that the blessings God gives us, are clearly by his grace, depending on his grace for us, and not on our performance, effort or work for him, and not on how holy we live before him! His generosity came out of his grace.