Difference of Opinions And Disagreements-Philippians 3:15

Very  often, in nearly every Church, there are Christians, with a different opinions about the same topic. And you ask yourself the question ‘Why different Christians think differently, about the same topic or part of the Bible.’

Now can it be, that we all who are born again, have the Holy Spirit in us, and still disagree, about the same Scripture?

Well, even Apostle Paul permitted other born again Christians, to disagree with him on some topics, and to have a different opinion. 

If you look very carefully what the literal translation of Philippians 3:15 says, you will find out, that it talks about God giving a revelation to that person with the different opinion. 

Paul is saying something like this ‘Well, you think like this, then may God give you a revelation about it.’ 

The reason that Apostle Paul, who wrote a big part of the New Testament, allows other Christians to have a different opinion about the things of God, is because he knew, that the truth about the things of God, can be revealed to a person, by God himself. 

The Bible tells us, that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things, and I believe, that He will teach us first of all, all things about the Word of God.

We can have our own human interpretation of the Bible, but there is a revelation from God, about what that part of Scripture means. 

So we have two types of interpretations;

One by our own human thinking, and the other by revelation from the Holy 

Oh, may God the Father gives us more revelation in knowing him, and interpreting his Word, by his Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus! Amen!