Self Esteem – 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

What do people look for in this life, when they look for importance and meaning? 

People in this world think that if you are not educated enough, are not looking good, are not having a lot of money and material possessions, and do not have a status or prestige, you are a failure.

But, God never created failures, because we are created in his image. We may fail, and make mistakes, in various areas of our lives, but that does not mean that we are failures. 

God has chosen those who are considered nothing or failures in this world by others, to show that we all have value and potential in God’s eyes, regardless of our weaknesses, mistakes, looks, and whatever the so called “successful” people consider to be lowly or despised. 

No one is despised or considered less or of no value by God. He sees all of us, in the same way, because he has put his image in us.

That is why God chose the lowly, despised things or people in this world, to show those who think that they are more that others, that they are no better.

Jesus said that what men consider of importance is despised in the eyes of God. 

Never look yourself in the mirror and think that you are not beautiful enough, or clever enough, or able enough, for whatever in this life, because God sees you as the beautiful one, the clever one, the able one. We are the crown of his creation, that is the top of his creation.

So no matter who you are, or what others think about you, remember, you are that ‘diamond’, that ‘precious jewel’, the best of God’s creation, and will always be.

Psalm 16:3, says that God delights in you, if you are his child, born of his Holy Spirit, regardless of your education, looks, money, possessions, or else…