Money to Sow, Money to Reap-2 Corinthians 9:6-15

God tells us that he wants us to give financially, according to what amount we really want to give for his work on earth. He does not want us to give, more than we really want to give, just because somebody else said so, or because we must give more, than the amount we want to give! No, he knows what we think in our hearts, and knows exactly how much we really want to give each time. If you give more than you really want to give in your heart, perhaps that will not be well accepted in the same way in heaven.

He accepts the amount your heart wants to give, not the amount you drop in the basket.

Only when we give that amount, according to how much we want to give in our hearts, for God’s work on earth, only then we will become a cheerful giver, because he knows the amount we really want to give, and the amount we are not willing to give.

God wants to bless us in all things, abundantly, at all times, not just occasionally, but at all times, because that is what it says in the Word of God.

And one of the reason God wants to bless us abundantly, is that we can give for his work on earth.

Perhaps you say, “Well, I do not have what to give”. Hhm… Look, the Bible says that God is the one, who provides the seed for the sower. So, if you want to sow financially for the work of God on earth, he will provide you with the seed, that is the money for you to sow. Just ask God to give you the seed, because he has promised to provide it for us.

Another thing to consider when we give to other Christians financially, is that that will produce also a praise and thanksgiving in their hearts to God, for his supplying their need through you! So that not only supplies their need, but will bring glory and praise to God too.

And notice in verse 14, that the reason they could give to others, was because of the grace God has given them. There is a grace from God to us, as a gift, which makes us more willing to give to the work of God on earth. That is his grace working in us too.