You are Holy and Blameless

The way God sees us, his children, everyone who is born from his Holy Spirit, is as holy and blameless.

You may say to me, “Well, you do not know what I have done”. Yes I do not but God knows what you have done, and despite of it, he still considers you holy and blameless.

But why?

Because God does not look at us, at our performance, in order to accepts us as holy and blameless. He looks to us through what Jesus did on the cross for us. That is why we have the gift of righteousness from God. Our righteousness is his gift for us, and not according to what we do or do not do. It is a gift. We can not ever earn our right standing before God, in whatever we do anyway.

It does not mean that we can go now and sin as much as we want! The gift of righteousness from God for us, is not a licence to sin. It makes us righteous for everything for which we were not able to do right according to the Old Testament Law.

So now, even when we fall and sin sometimes, God continues to look at us 100% holy and blameless, because of his grace in Christ Jesus for us.

That is why he is always close to us, with us, and does not leave us, no matter what we do. If we mess up, and are willing to repent, he will forgive us all our sins, as he has promised. His gift of righteousness, is always with us. Praise be to our Lord Jesus for that gift!