You Are a Champion

When we fall into all sorts of trouble, often the first thing we look at, is our defeat and weakness. We think that we become a victim. 

But God, never sees as a victim! He just can not, because he never created us to be a victim of circumstances or anything else.

His plan from the very beginning was that we will be created in his image. Do you know what that means? It means that God just can not see us as a victims, no matter what happens to us, because we have been created to be the crown, the top of all his creation. 

We were created to reign on this earth, to rule over all the earth, from the beginning. 

That is why the Bible says that all things work for good, for those who love God. He makes even our worst mess, into a triumph, in his own way. 

That is why he said to his own people Israel, that they will be the head and not the tail.

No matter what happens to us, how much we fail or mess up, the desire of God is always to helps us in some way, and make us somehow triumph above our mess or suffering. He does it, not us. And he knows how.

He wants us to be a kingdom of kings and priests, not a kingdom of victims. He never created a kingdom of victims. In his kingdom there are no victims, but only victors, and that is for his glory! A victor brings the glory to God, by his victory, but a victim can bring only defeat.