Faith Hope Circumstances-Romans 4:18-21

Believing God’s promises in faith, for a change in our circumstances, is not a denial of what is happening in our circumstances, and is not a denial of the obvious facts.

We can see clearly, that Abraham was aware of the fact, that the body of Sara his wife, was old, and that she was not able to have children, and that his own body was old too.

He was fully aware of the facts. But he also knew the eternal Truth, the Word of God.

He did not deny the obvious facts. But the facts were not all that there was. He had the promise of God. He just was convinced that the promise of God is more powerful, than the age of his own and Sara’s bodies. But why did he believe that? 

He had a choice to make. To believe what he sees with his physical eyes, or to believe what he sees with his spiritual eyes. 

Because he knew God personally, he knew who God was. The God who created the heavens and the earth by his Word. That is why, the circumstance had to bend, and obey the Word of God. They had to, like they did, when God was creating the heaven and earth.

If someone is having an illness in their body, they should not pretend that the illness does not exist in their body, but they should pay attention, to the Word of God, because the illness does not have the final word. God, who said ‘I am the First and the Last’, has the final word always.