Daily Battle Spirit-Flesh Romans 7:22

The daily Christian life is a battle, between the things of the Spirit, and the things of the flesh.

We are given a choice daily to choose, which one we will follow, the desires of the Holy Spirit in us, or the desires of the sinful nature in us. The choice is ours. 

The Holy Spirit will give us the grace and strength to fight against the flesh on a daily basis, but we make the choice to take what He has provided, and use it to fight against the flesh. 

The Bible clearly says that we have not struggled against sin to the point of shedding blood yet.

We are tempted, Jesus was tempted just as we are, and Apostle Paul was tempted, everyday.

We see in Romans chapter 7, that Apostle Paul was struggling with the sinful nature in him, as a born again Christian.

We have inherited the sinful nature from Adam, but we also have been given the new nature, our born again spirit, which is one with the Holy Spirit in us.

God will not make us fight the sinful nature in us. But He has given us everything we need to fight it and conquer it, because the Bible tells us, that we are more than conquerors, in Christ Jesus.

Does it mean, that because we have everything from God in us, to fight and conquer the sinful nature, that we will not be tempted and sin? No, it does not! We can fall and sin at any time. But, all that we need to be victorious over sin is in us from God.

Of course, we may fall into sin any time, and in the future, but because of difficult circumstances and pressure, and not because we want.

Our born again spirit, our divine nature given us in our heart, by the Holy Spirit, makes us to desire to do the will of God, and to do the right thing – 1 John 3:9

May God the Father help us to conquer the sinful nature in us, by the help of the Holy Spirit in us, always, in the name of Jesus! Amen! Because, without his help, we are done, we will sin!