We Are Protected – Acts 27:24

We are protected from God, and the amazing thing is, that nothing can happen to us, if God does not allow it to happen. No sparrow will fall to the ground, if God does not allow it to happen.

Think about it. Just because God wanted Apostle Paul to go to Rome, to see Caesar, God by his grace, did not allow any of those sailing with Paul on the ship, to perish, regardless of the storm and the shipwreck, they had to go through. 

People also tried to catch Jesus and kill, him, but the Bible says that his time had not come yet. So they could not. Only when the time for Jesus to go on the cross came, only then they sized him and crucified him.

We can also think of king David, how God did not allow him to be killed, in so many battles that David had to go through.