Faith is What We Look At Luke 5:5

We will never receive anything from the Lord, and will not have a miracle, if we continue, to analyse, calculate and figure out, what to do in the circumstances of our life, instead of, looking at what God has said in his Word about it. We can work hard, think hard, analyse by our human understanding, but, we will still not figure out, what is best to do, in order for us, to get what we need.

Very often, what God tells us in his Word, to do, will not make a common sense to us, and will offend our way of thinking, and analyzing what is best to do. It will often go against our way of thinking, and would not make sense.

God has said that his thoughts, are not like our thoughts, and his ways, are not like our ways. So, the way he sees our situation will often be very different, than the way we see it.

Our way of thinking about the circumstances of our life, will often leave us fruitless, without the results we want to see.

But, if we choose to do what he says in his Word, instead of what we think is the best to do, we will see a miracle from him, and will get what we need from him, by faith, and not by logic.