Miracles-Some Believe Some Do Not

Matthew 28:17

It is interesting, that when we read about the miracles that Jesus did in the New Testament, some people believed in him, but some others did not. And, what is more, after seeing the miracles of Jesus, some people like the pharisees, decided even to kill him. So the miracles of Jesus, make some people believe in him, and give their life to him, but the same miracles make some people reject Jesus, and say that those miracles are not valid, and they actually go away from Jesus.

In Matthew 28:17 shows that even some of the disciples of Jesus doubted and did not believe in him, when they saw him after his resurrection, and that is after they have been with him for a long time, and have seen so many miracles that Jesus did.

Some saw him and worshipped him, but the others doubted him. 

So the miracles of God make some people believe in God, but make others doubt and even reject the miracles as a nonsense.