God’s Thoughts Care and Protection for Us-Psalm 40

Verse 1, 2, 3

If you are in the pit of suffering, and feel helpless and worried, know that God’s desire is to take you out of your suffering, and to make all your paths and things in your life, stable and secure in him! He hears your cry for help! He wants to make you stable in the circumstances of your life, and to make you immovable. He wants to replace the cry in your heart, with a song of praise to Him!

Blessings come only when we trust in God. That is faith to receive from him.

Verse 5

God has countless good thoughts for us, and all his thoughts are motivated by his love because He is Love. All his thoughts for us are good, and are blessing! No one of them is a condemnation!

Verse 10

God wants us to speak to others, about Him and his love which is Himself, and truth which is his Word.

Verse 11, 12

Does not matter how many problems or suffering we have in life, because of the great mercy, compassion and love of God for us, He will deliver us and help us! He is never going to withhold his love or compassion for us, regardless of our spiritual performance before him, and regardless of the circumstances we are in.

Verse 16

We can only be glad in Him (God), when we search for Him, until we find him. Seekers will be finders.

Verse 17

When we are suffering, God is mindful of us and our suffering! He has not forgotten about it! He never will! Helps comes from Him, in a time of need, because of his grace, love and mercy for us!