Psalm 123:2 – How to Receive

Waiting on the Lord!

You can see in this verse, that in order for us to receive from God, the answer of our prayers, we need first, to lift up our spiritual eyes to him, and continue keeping them on him, and not on circumstances.

Second, we need to wait, until we receive the answer of our prayer. The verse does not say how long we need to wait, but it says that we need to wait. Sometime we need to wait for our answer just for a few minutes! But sometimes we need to wait for days or months! That is not the point! The point is that we need to wait for the answer of our prayer to manifest from the spiritual realm to the physical realm.

Sometimes God makes us wait for the answer of our prayer, in order to stretch our faith, and make our faith stronger! If our faith is not tested, it can not be developed and become stronger!