Psalm 119:17-24

Verse 17

The more we know that God loves us, the more naturally we respond to his love, and want to follow him.

Verse 18

Revelation. We need more revelation from God, to really see and grasp the real meaning of His Word. Without a revelation from heaven, all we have, is a head knowledge.

Verse 19

We are just passengers on this earth, and our life here on earth is a just a stop, towards our destination.

Verse 20

When the Holy Spirit is upon us, and working in us, He will make us more willing to know the ways of God. It is His doing in us, not just our wishful thinking or will power.

Verse 23

When God and his Spirit are working in us, it produces a desire to know God more, and we want to meditate on his Word. The Word of God is like a testy food for our heart and soul. We feed our spirit man, with the Word of God, like we feed our bodies with food.