Psalm 84 – Suffering and Strength

Psalm 84:4, 5, 6, 7

Verse 4 – The main reason they dwell in God’s house, is to praise him. They are blessed (to be well with you).

Verse 5 – If God is our strength, not our money, not our muscles, not our brains, but if he is our strength, then we can go through the valley.

Verse 6 – If God is our help and strength, then we can go through the desert or the valleys of our life, and make it like a spring of water, and the rain of God’s blessing will turn it from a dead valley, to a living spring, and a pool, where we can cool our weary soul.

Verse 7 – If God is our strength, then we can go from strength to strength. A strength from him, and not depended on our abilities, knowledge, will power, psychology, advice, body strength. If he is the source of our strength in difficult times, that strength can not fail us. It is our choice on which strength we rely to, his strength, or our ability. Our ability is limited but his strength is not.