Christian Topics Study-Psalm 23

Verse 2 – God’s intention is always to lead us to green pastures. If you are a sheep, what would you be looking for? Green pastures! Why! Because you want a testy meal!

That is God’s own intention, always to provide us with plenty of green pastures, and anything we need. That is his way of prospering his children.

He has also promised to comfort us when we suffer. His yoke is easy, and he wants to give us rest, as he promised, by taking us to the quiet waters. What will we do at the quiet waters? We will rest. That is why he wants to take us there. That is relaxation. That is comfort.

He refreshes our soul – Verse 3. 

Verse 4 – Even if we walk through the valley of death, we do not need to fear evil, because God takes us through the valley of death, but he does not leave us there. The problem or suffering is only temporary. We go through the valley of death, we do not stay there. God does not want to leave us there. He wants to take us to the breakthrough. He comforts us, even while we are passing through the valley of death. 

Verse 5 – A table represent feast and food. When God gives you abundance of food and what you need, and when he gives you prosperity, no enemy can take it away from you! Your enemies do not want you to prosper and to have an abundance. But God gives you that in their presence. 

Verse 6 – His goodness and love are always there, all the days of our life, not here today, and not tomorrow.